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Unlocking the potential of real-time provenance.

Aglive has a livestock traceability system that provides evidence-based tracking & authentication-enabled technology, allowing food to be tracked along its journey through the food production supply chain.

Historical food traceability solutions have been low tech and inefficient compared to emerging technology that enhances transparency across the entire value chain.


Real-time NVD solutions that provide complete traceability of livestock through farm to saleyards, processors and beyond.

Proving the history and traceability of livestock has never been more important.

That’s why Aglive offers a range of ‘real-time’ LPA NVD apps approved and licensed by the MLA for all cattle, sheep and goat movements.

Whether livestock is being transferred from one property to another, between producers or through saleyards, feedlots, exporters or processors, Aglive’s IntegriPro software makes managing LPA accreditation requirements quick, easy and precise.

NVDs are completely paperless

Aglive IntegriPro gives instant access to up-to-date NVD forms and can automatically share data with processors, transporters, the NLIS database and more, improving the speed, accuracy and ease of record keeping.

Insights for greater farm productivity

With more accurate data you have the power to make your farm more productive.

Access a world of growth

Proof of your compliance to LPA standards opens the door to a world of potential including better sale prices, and with the addition of future export modules, expanded access to overseas markets.

Protect your reputation

Demonstrated compliance with LPA standards in conjunction with instantly stored evidence-based livestock movements, means greater protection in the event of a crisis.

Improve livestock productivity

Aglive’s IntegriPro livestock traceability system provides seamless mob and individual EID movements between PICs & fully customisable livestock farm inventory management system, perfect for larger farms looking for more from their software. Available for smartphone, tablet and PC.

Eliminate the paperwork

  • Use your tablet or smartphone to complete your LPA NVD wherever you are.
  • Replaces the Paper-based LPA NVD Book.
  • Create an NVD in just one minute and make last minute changes as stock are getting loaded.
  • Notify consignees instantly, before the truck even leaves your property.
  • Digital signatures make the process as seamless as possible.
  • Manage mob & individual movements via the Aglive Pro full farm management program.
  • App downloads are compatible with iPhone & Android devices.
  • Electronic National Vendor Declaration Approved Product

Aglive IntegriPro can produce every type of industry and commercial accreditation. Click the examples below:

IntegriData® digital geo-string enabled

Underpinning the system, Aglive has developed IntegriData®a method for tracking and tracing livestock as it moves through the supply chain.  The system incorporates geospatial and other evidence-based production data.

Key features of Aglive IntegriData® include capturing, transferring and receiving electronic data from the eNVD. The ‘digital geo-string‘ is secured in the Aglive data cloud, providing a unique digital certificate for ‘proof of origin & produce life cycle events’ commencing with the production on farm and extending along the entire value chain.

Aglive keeps the history of transactions for 7 years electronically and shares its data with MLA in the event of an international audit.

Award winning innovation

Aglive has been awarded the following:

Department for International Trade UK; Tech Rocketship, Runner-Up

Australian Technologies Competition; Alumni People’s Choice

Australian Technologies Competition; Food & Agribusiness Category

CBA Agriculture Innovation Award

Telstra Advanced Technology Award

ICT (Geelong) Industry RFID Invention Award

NAB Agribusiness Innovation Award