Patent Analytics Report on Blockchain Innovation

This patent analytics report, prepared for the Australian Computer Society, analyses blockchain innovation and the potential for Australia to benefit from this technology. This report found that blockchain is a small but rapidly growing technology – with 140-230 per cent increases in patent filings every year since 2013.

Report: Australia Punches above its Weight with Blockchain Innovation

A new Blockchain report has been released, giving insight into how the technology is used in Australia. ACS, the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector, announced the publication of Blockchain Innovation: A Patent Analytics Report at Barangaroo, Sydney.

Deadset distributed ledger legends: Aussie inventors’ blockchain patent strength

Patent applications for blockchain related innovations are booming worldwide and Australia is “punching above its weight” according to a report from the ACS and IP Australia’s Patent Analytics Hub.

Heat-Proofing Cold Chains With Blockchain

Blockchain technology has emerged as a solution to building stronger, safer and more resilient cold supply chains.

Cold chains should never be broken. 

Using Blockchain Technology to Fight Counterfeiters

A tech startup in Australia is piloting the use of blockchain in ensuring traceability, provenance, and authentication in the supply chain.

Blockchain, logistics and food safety

GLOBALISATION has opened up countless avenues for trade and production, yet food safety is still a leading concern and efficiency gains are failing to meet global demand. Blockchain technology is now needed to build stronger, safer and more resilient supply chains.

How to make supply chains ethical and sustainable with blockchain

As companies face increasing pressure from consumers, regulators and stakeholders to commit to social and environmental initiatives, blockchain technology has emerged as a solution to making our supply chains sustainable.

Australian Crypto Exchanges Now Accountable to a National AML-CFT Body

Australia possesses one of the most active cryptocurrency user bases in the world today, and as of April 3, all national digital exchanges are required to operate under the regulatory authority of AUSTRAC.

Crypto Leaders Speak out as US Regulatory Uncertainty Around ICOs Continues

US lawmakers continue to struggle to formulate an approach to cryptocurrencies. This week a federal judge ruled that cryptocurrencies can be treated as commodities by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission)

SEC ICO Probe: Lawyers and Regulators, Beware

Lawyers and regulators who are involved in the cryptocurrency sphere are going to be closely watching the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) probe into companies who are launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

Reaction to SEC ICO Probes

Last week, the SEC roiled crypto markets by announcing targeted subpoenas on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that might be violating securities laws. The actions aren’t completely shocking since the SEC issued several comments in the past few months addressing the potential for fraud…

Blockchain is already reshaping investment operations

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt the investment operations industry over the coming decade and leading players are already embracing it.

In 2017, Northern Trust became the first custodian to use a blockchain solution to manage the custody operations of a private equity fund.