Earn Premium Prices and Increase Your Profits

Manage Farms, Not Forms

Everyone understands the importance of food safety. However, the eNVD and other compliance paperwork can be time consuming and cumbersome.
We have built a mobile app that helps you bypass the existing paper-based system and helps you avoid repeating the same standard details on form after form. Much of the required information can be pre-filled, freeing you up to just insert information that has changed or is specific to that mob.

Our app was developed in collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia, and it can record information throughout an animal’s life.

It can:

  • Validate on-farm data
  • Store industry
  • Commercial certificates in one easy to use place.

You can also add details about on-farm chemicals and vaccinations or any other info that you think will convince customers to pay premium prices for your products. You can even choose what information you want to share with your supply chain network.

Imagine the benefits of a single app being able to electronically trace livestock from your paddock right through the consumer’s plate – that is the power of new technology.

Get back to the work you enjoy!