Market Traction

Aglive protection means you can be sure about what you are buying

Red Meat Industry

Australian beef exporters are increasingly looking to tap into premium export markets where chilled beef can be delivered with verifiable integrity and provenance along the export journey.

MLA has commenced co-funding of trials from label to export plate. Our Macka’s trials alliance partners DB Schenker and Cathay are also keen to differentiate their offer to exporters with superior traceability. 

MLA strategy is to increase chilled exports. A 10% increase in the chilled export share would equate to additional premiums of $715m pa for our beef exporters on existing export volumes.

Medical Cannabis Industry

Membership of a CRC-P along with an ASX-listed medicinal cannabis company, NSW and Commonwealth Governments, and two universities.

Aglive is on track to complete a traceability component of this nationally significant project and commence commercial sales in late 2020.

The Hemp Sector, less regulated than Medical Cannabis, provides traceability service opportunities through their peak industry body. Our CRC-P medical cannabis development work and user case will assist to gain an industry foothold for future growth in this sector.

Dairy Sector

Aglive has gained the interest of the dairy sector and is now in alliance with a global shipping group in conducting shipment trials with our first customer in this sector

 Shipments of palletised dairy products from farm to retail customers in South East Asia are currently being tracked live on container ships. 

Commercial rates for our platform have been agreed to and invoicing is expected to commence soon.

Wine Industry

Prior to merging with Aglive, TBSx3 was able to build an alliance with a major sea port and shipping company to complete the world’s first wine export blockchain traceability trials from Coonawarra to Qingdao China.

Now as a merged entity, Aglive aims to improve the technology and integrate with existing wine processes. Aglive’s complete platform includes IoT capabilities and will provide a more advanced solution and deeper insights to wine provenance and traceability.

Fiber Project

High concerns have been raised for sheep being mulesed pushing the wool sector to look for ways to assure their customers that the wool products they buy have been ethically produced.

With European fashion labels and their high-end customers demanding evidence of ethically sourced wool we have been invited to partner with a leading marketer and exporter of fine wool to prove provenance of non-mulesed Australian wool. 

Blockchain is the desired industry platform for their sheep to fashion label wool traceability.

Seafood Industry

This global industry is in dire need of traceability to prove sustainability and ethical fishing and farming practices.

Requests from Abalone and Lobster brands for 2020 trials will enable re-connection with our successful Fish 2.0 application to showcase our platform.

Marine Bioproducts

Our collaboration with TBSx3 has positioned us as an industry traceability partner for a CRC funded 10-year project to develop Australia’s new sustainable export industry for an emerging global blue marine industry estimated at $250 billion. 

An outcome of this funding application will be known in late 2020 however a commercial opportunity to sell to existing industry stakeholders is present. 

Timber Trials

An invitation to work with a national rail network provider to track timber logs will be the first use of our platform integrating with rail logistics. 

Rail industry has so much to offer in terms of sustainability, efficiency and road safety and appreciate the benefits to their client base of integrating with the provenance to consumer story.   

Legislative Changes

Australia mandated the United Nations led Modern Slavery Act on Jan 2019 for our largest corporations which has forced yet another layer of compliance on brand owners large and small.   

Aglive’s blockchain enabled platform is in position to prove ethical and sustainable origins of products globally and digitising independent audits and certifications.  

Initial commercial trials planned for early 2020 will include the Sri Lankan Government and Chamber of Commerce and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This will be the first use of our platform for imports into Australia. 

Other Emerging Drivers

Biosecurity concerns such as African Swine Flu and heightened consumer concerns amid animal welfare breaches continue unabated.

The world is rife with environmental, economic and social problems arising from unprecedented growth in globalisation of trade inadequately supported by legacy networked and paper-based systems that lack visibility and verification.   

Brand owners cannot deliver consumer brand trust through their current supply chain systems. As a result, we are now experiencing pent up demand for traceability solutions that can lead to a safer, more sustainable world.