Unique Protective Strategy

We have engineered our technology to have not just one, but three layers of protection.

1. Strong Cryptographic Certainty

2. Logistics Tracking

3. Blockchain

That protective strategy is so crucial and core to our company’s goals, that it is even the meaning behind our company’s name.

We want users to be triply-sure that they are protected.

Three Protective Layers

The bad guys may breach one or two layers, but they will not be able to get through all three protective layers. That is why three layers of protection are so important.

Layer 1: Strong Cryptographic Certainty

Each Aglive protected item that you buy has a unique encrypted code that identifies the individual item. We use the encryption standard that has kept Bitcoin safe from attack for over a decade.

Layer 2: Logistics Tracking

We track the item as it moves through the entire supply chain – from assembly line to store shelf. We follow each ‘baton change’ as the item moves from warehouse to trucking company, to port, to ship, and all the way to a store near you. Our machine learning analysis of that movement pattern can detect and report any anomalies.

For example, you will be alerted if the item’s location looks suspicious: we may have detected that all the other items related to that item’s ID (on the same carton or pallet) are offered for sale in other suburb or city; or the arrival times for that item to be in that location just don’t add up.

Layer 3: Blockchain

The third layer is the reason we use blockchain technology. The ‘no double spend’ feature is a key component of blockchain technology. It is why digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are so secure and have become so popular.