Location Mapping with Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag and Aglive are now working together to deliver clever farming solutions that can help you monitor the location of your herd.

Location, Geofencing, and Smart Tracking

Time Stamps

Recording the location with a time-stamp can be very useful data to prove when and where key events took place.


Geo-fencing enables SMS alerts to be set against defined areas to strengthen asset protection and location certainty.

Smart Contracts

Smart contract payments may be triggered when the items are delivered to a certain automatically detected location.

Unlock the insights that Ceres Tag can deliver when animal location information is integrated into Aglive’s geofencing tool.

Our Partner

Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a proprietary smart ear tag.

The families of Ceres Tag founders, David and Melita Smith, have raised cattle for generations. They invented the tags because they knew better data was needed. Working together with Aglive is a good fit.

The Aglive platform already captures key on-farm information: treatments, animal movements, breed registry links, and their app has digital forms that greatly reduce compliance paperwork. In fact, Aglive can also track products all the way along the supply chain – a true paddock-to-plate platform.

Together Ceres Tag and Aglive are already delivering new tools for Australian cattle producers. Now, they are also exporting their services to ranchers overseas. A number of ranchers and two universities in Alberta, Canada are keen to explore this technology and to learn how the Aglive platform can help them to better manage their herd and improve their beef marketing.

Research scientists at Lakeland College in Vermillion hope the tags may unlock information about the link between age and reproductive success, as ranchers have often drawn a line at the age of three years.

Brenton Mundt and family are excited to deploy the technology and improve their farm brand. They know the Mundt Ranch needs tools that can help them improve productivity and increase their efficiency. Aglive is proud to have been chosen by the Mundts as the software platform that displays their Ceres Tag information.

The Aglive platform has been adjusted to suit local requirements. Canadian ranchers can now view herd movements on their PC and set the alerts if any animals stray outside the geofenced boundaries.

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Ceres Tag CEO David Smith with tag and applicator. Photo: Supplied by Ceres Tag