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Clever software using trackers and blockchain
to prove the value of your product and boost sales

Easily Protect Your Profits and Brand Reputation from Fakes

Secure Communication

Protect the identity of your products from being copied or faked



Fully-auditable records from your farm to your customers without the hassle of paper forms



Data securely integrated with your supply chain partners

Aglive Benefits

How Do We Do It?

Focus on Consumer Confidence

Our QR code technology protects farmers and consumers

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Unique IDs monitor each animal or product all the way from its original source to shipment to customer

Each animal is given a unique identity that records their life history. Each product is given a unique ID that monitors its movements from production line to store shelf

Supplier Dashboard

Producers have a single dashboard to manage the compliance records without repeatedly filling in the same data on every form. Our integrated platform sends the information directly to relevant industry and government organisations

Fully Integrated with Industry

By being integrated, the platform updates relevant industry organisations to save you time and money with repetitive paperwork

Award Winning Innovation

Aglive has been awarded the following:

  • Department for International Trade UK;
  • Tech Rocketship, Runner-Up
  • Australian Technologies Competition; Alumni People’s Choice
  • Australian Technologies Competition; Food & Agribusiness Category
  • CBA Agriculture Innovation Award
  • Telstra Advanced Technology Award
  •  ICT (Geelong) Industry RFID Invention Award
  • NAB Agribusiness Innovation Award


Customer Success is important to us.  Here are some of what our customers have said about us:

Paul Scurrah

CEO, DP World Australia

“When I first met with Aglive, I knew it was a great opportunity for DP World to become engaged in a new era of industry collaboration. The scale of the fake goods problem is staggering and our company is eager to work with Aglive and our industry partners to provide a lasting solution.”

Peter Creeden

Managing Director,
Hamburg Sud Australia

“The importance of protecting our Australian wine exporters is very important to Hamburg Sud as we ship over half of Australia’s wine exports. We are committed to backing technologies that protect our customers revenue and market position.”

Charlie Mcdonald

DB Schenker Australia

“Data security is the core to modern business risk management. The concept of protecting that data through a distributed ledger system holds great promise. Our company is keen to be involved in the development of new technologies that can provide better security, greater efficiency and savings.”

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