Blockchain = Collaboration

This powerful new technology demands a new approach to ‘doing business’.

Our company was founded on a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the innovation’s potential to transform the way we do business.  Blockchains require many parties to collaborate and join efforts to store and use data in new ways.

Blockchain technology unlocks the potential to do things not previously possible.

Companies can now work together to build new integrated and data-rich business systems.

Why Our Business Exists

The idea that sparked the launch of Aglive business is that the problem of fake products has existed from ancient times.

There was already a problem with olive oil fraud during the roman era. Even back then, shipments from one region were being sold as the produce of a more favoured location. Nothing much has changed – except the scale and seriousness of the problem.

Products of dubious origin, purity, or quality now litter our store shelves. Some estimate that a significant percentage of olive oil sold around the world is still faked. Honey, medicines and countless other products are being faked.

What has changed in modern times is the ability to also substitute ingredients. The fake olive oil may not just be from a different company than the one listed on the container, it may not even be olive oil.

In the worst examples, fake products can even contain dangerous or toxic substances.

These frauds result in a massive number of deaths each year. Interpol estimates that over one million people may die just from fake medicine each year. That figure does not take into account those that are injured or poisoned by taking something they trusted.

Aglive can defeat counterfeiters

Death toll each year from fake medicine - Interpol estimate
Food shipments to the U.K. are fake - UK Government estimate
Billion USD annual cost of counterfeit goods

The Determination Behind Aglive

In 2019, Aglive merged with TBSx3 to combine their expertise and to introduce an industry-first paddock-to-plate solution that can strengthen trust in food industries around the world.  

Aglive has integrated IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities so we can deliver a complete blockchain-based logistics platform. The TBSx3 merger means Aglive is now in a fairly unique position to deliver genuine paddock-to-plate blockchain technology. The combined platform can track cattle from birth through life, then track products from processing to plate – making sure the products are shipped under the right conditions throughout the journey.

The merger sees Aglive further digitize their food supply chain process, making it more transparent, traceable, and immutable.

Aglive is not just a business,
we can all work together to
fix dangerous and deadly problems.