How does Aglive's
Traceability Platform Work?

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Increase your Profitability and Enjoy Stress Free Compliance

Our affordable technology helps you:

Bring happiness back into your business. Our platform links you to
your customers. It is satisfying to hear feedback about the things you
work hard to produce.

Times certainly are changing and we’re all facing profit risks. So, we’ve
built tools that can help you earn premium prices.

Lift your profit margins and connect with your customers using our
secure and simple-to-use tools.

Angus Verified

Use our app to identify your registered sires and validate your breeding program as purebred Angus under the Angus Verified program established by Angus Australia. You can also record treatments, weight gain, and other key herd information.

Add Brand Value

Enhancing the perceived value of your products is now much easier. It all starts with connecting information to the consumer and your brand story.

Prove Product Value

Earn premium prices by providing Internet of Things (IoT) data and giving customers evidence of the origin and the condition of your products. Display the location, temperature, and other information they increasingly demand.

Manage Farms,
Not Forms

Avoid the hassle of paper forms and finally be able to link your farm data to your supply chain. We can help you track animals through their entire life and link certificates and other important data to each animal.

Easy Management Tools

Save time and effort by using the app to manage your business effortlessly. We can help compile and manage your compliance records and make it easier to submit industry or government reports. The app can also pre-fill forms to save you from continually entering the same data.

Unique Item IDs

Display information that will win a sale and link shoppers to your brand story on the free Aglive Trust app. Aglive can generate and use a unique ID to mathematically prove an item offered for sale is genuine. A simple scan of that ID (such as a QR code) using the free Aglive Trust app will unlock the brand story and history of the item’s movements from the production line to the store shelf.

Reduce Paperwork

Easily complete forms using pre-filled information fields on the Aglive app. Replace tiresome paperwork and find it faster and easier to create and attach consignment, shipment or compliance documents with just a few clicks on our app.

Store Valuable Data

Each animal is given an identity that can now be linked to record their entire life history. That valuable stored information can be converted into higher prices if you are able to link it to the food your customers want to buy.

Secure Account

Create an account that uses secure crypto-wallet security to protect your business information. Protecting yourself from food fraud or counterfeit products starts with protecting your brand information.

Logistics Tracking

Once identified with a unique encrypted code, your items can be tracked as they move along the entire supply chain – from production line to store shelf.

Advanced Technology

We combine blockchain certainty with strong data security along with the latest developments in machine learning, data mapping, encryption, and integration with the sensors that are increasingly being used in your industry.

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