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the benefits of
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Make recalls
easier, far cheaper,
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Prevent fake
products and brand
reputation damage


Our platform links you to your customers. It is satisfying to hear feedback about the things you work hard to produce. Bring happiness back into your business.

Times are changing and we’re all facing profit risks. So, we’ve built tools that can help you earn premium prices.

Lift profit margins and connect with your customers using our secure and simple-to-use tools.

Embrace Technology

We’ve developed some clever technology to protect your data and your brand. Imagine using powerful technology and mobile apps to replace old paper-based processes.

High-security innovations are built into our platform to protect your products along the supply chain.

Strong Security

Too many companies claim they can meet the fake product deluge.

Unfortunately, minor fixes are often easily bypassed or broken and can’t fix huge problems. Crooks are determined to protect their rackets. Their fakes can swiftly destroy your brand reputation and waste years of effort.

Our comprehensive solution backs the ‘good guys’ and blockchain technology now adds security muscle to the Aglive platform.

Who Owns the Data

We know your data, literally, is your business. You will always retain ownership of your data – even when it is added to Aglive’s data-sharing platform.

Sharing information can create important new business opportunities:

  • Consumers know more about the producers
  • Producers know more about sales results and market trends
  • Transporters better understand their customer’s requirements
We each add snippets of information to the data lake and can reasonably access that secure information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. It is crucial that your privacy and confidentiality is respected. So, we follow protocols that determine who gets to see information, under what circumstances, and for how long.

Solid Industry Experience

Our team’s deep farming and manufacturing experience helps us understand your challenges. 

We’re not just sitting on the sidelines, we can be part of your team to help transform your business and face these challenging times.

You can choose how you use our platform and the level of support you require.

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1-4 weeks


1-2 weeks


2-8 weeks



An experienced Product Owner will work with the relevant stakeholders, learn about the problems you want solved, and come up with proposed solutions and improvements

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