Aglive Sheep EID Enabled Software Linked Seamlessly with NLIS

Aglive provides Sheep EID capture and management solutions to support the Victorian Sheep EID Transition Package via mobile devices (iPhone/Android) & Web Browser.

Our devices interface securely via Aglive’s
cloud-based IntegriData® software which has
store and send capability in the absence
of network or internet coverage.

Our software can integrate with hand and panel EID readers to capture real-time scanning data allowing detailed management of livestock inventory with seamless upload to the NLIS database.

Aglive is a MLA/NLIS electronic National Vendor Declaration Approved Product. Downloading our Aglive Apps allows you to easily generate a Mob Based or individual based eNVD capturing LPA accredited animal movements which are verified via NLIS to improve animal traceability.

Aglive can assist with Victorian Government funding applications allowing applicants to purchase software to collect and seamlessly manage performance Sheep EID data and record movements on the NLIS database.

Aglive Sheep EID – Features & Benefits


For producers

Download the Aglive Pro App (iPhone/Android) to generate Mob based or individual eID scan based eNVD’s via wands or panel readers and send eNVD’s to “Opted in” e-receiving destinations or simply print the completed form from your device or PC. Alternatively you can email, SMS or fax completed forms from your device or PC.

Recommended Aglive product

Aglive Pro

Aglive IntegriPro

| Basic Mob or Producer

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For saleyards and processors

Aglive Pro software allows you to receive Mob and Individual EID’s via the Aglive system either via eNVD, CSV or through upload of sheep EID via Bluetooth scanning hand/panel readers directly into mobile devices. Links to the NLIS allows seamless validation of ERP status checks where software integration is available and activated through your processing software provider. Additional commercial data can also be shared with supply chain nodes & suppliers.

Recommended Aglive product

Aglive Pro

Aglive IntegriPro

| Enterprise OR Enterprise Plus


For agricultural show operators

Improves valid and auditable movement of animals between LPA accredited PIC’s by utilising the eNVD to improve accuracy of stock origination and lifetime traceability attributes.

Recommended Aglive product

Aglive Pro

Aglive IntegriPro

| Enterprise Plus

How they compare

Aglive IntegriPro Product Licence Comparison Basic Mob Producer Enterprise Enterprise Plus
PICs 1 2 (Max 3) 4 (Max 5) Tailored
Users 1 2 (Max 3) 4 (Max 6) POR
Application type Mobile App/Web Mobile App/Web Mobile App/Web Mobile App/Web
Industry Accreditations: eNVD, NAHS & Waybill eNVD, NAHS & Waybill eNVD, NAHS & Waybill eNVD, NAHS & Waybill
Commercial Accreditations:  
Livestock Mob Management Mob Based Animal Management ONLY Individual Animal EID Management Individual Animal EID Management Individual Animal EID Management

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