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Aglive Group Limited is a publicly unlisted company ACN/ABN and has two wholly owned operating subsidiaries, Aglive Pty Ltd and Austracker GPS Pty Ltd. Aglive has developed the world’s first evidence based tracking and authentication technology allowing food to be tracked from “paddock to plate” through the food production value chain.

Tracing tainted food product back to its source has long been an issue for governments and consumers. Historical food traceability solutions have been low tech and inefficient in comparison to emerging technology solutions that are enabling transparency across the entire value chain.

Today’s consumer wants to know intricate details about the food they eat, where was my food farmed? The breed of cattle, is this steak really Black Angus? Is my purchase genuine? Aglive can answer these questions and more. Aglive is a technology company who have developed a cloud based application that can trace livestock from the paddock to plate and record these details in the cloud. Aglive’s solution begins with the farmers.

The application tracks the origin, residence and production inputs of each individual animal using a Geo-string, this means that the birth property and lifetime residence of individual animals or mobs and their production inputs can be pin pointed down to farm and paddock. The cloud based software records individual details for each animal including its birthdate, weight, genetics, physical location, diet and any vaccinations and drenches. The system also records whether or not the animal is mixing with other animals and can compare their individual details.

When an animal is ready to be processed all documented information is consolidated in an electronic vendor declaration (eNVD), essentially becoming the animals certificate of authenticity. Key supply chain segments such as transporters, sale yards, stock agents and processors will use the system to enhance consumer goods manufacture and production.

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Aglive Board of Directors

Greg Bryant

Non-Executive Chairman (Founding)


Paul Ryan

Managing Director (Founding)


Val Zanatto

Director and Co-Founder

Ian Pamensky

Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer

Greg spent 32 years as Managing Partner of Davidsons Accountants and Business Advisers in Geelong. He is a consultant to the Business Vic Investment Readiness Program and now has his own interests in property and commercial investments. Greg has extensive commercialisation and business management experience as the Managing Partner and now an investor in technology start-ups.

Paul has extensive commercial experience holding senior positions in agribusiness, logistics, retail, manufacturing and service businesses over 37 years in private, national and international firms. Purchased a ‘stressed’ single location Hertz franchise with 20 car fleet and built this into a 13 branch multi-franchise with 650 vehicles before it was re-purchased by Hertz International. Paul has a deep knowledge of business, production, client and financial information systems.  Has worked on multiple system change and upgrade projects.

Val brings a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the organisation as well as his experience as a local government councillor and farm owner. His broad business experience, coupled with practical farming knowledge means Val offers Aglive unparalleled expertise.

Drawing on his experience that includes managing large teams of people, financial & operational management across a number of industries, Val contributes at both board level and operational to help the Aglive team focus on growth opportunities, customer retention and personal development.

Ian has over 22 years of experience working across a wide range of industries, from audit and funds management, to mining. His large and diverse set of financial, commercial and company secretarial skills has armed with the knowledge and desire to assist businesses boost their success.

Ian is a Chartered Accountant and member of FinSIA.

Senior Management Team

Matthew Burgess

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Sebire

National Sales Manager

Achalen Holmes

Industry and Government Development Manager

Julie Lacy

Marketing Manager

During his career, Matt has managed a range of both privately owned and publicly listed companies. Matt has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector and has worked in local and state government, commercial, utilities, finance and education sectors, with broad experience in the management and running of both direct and indirect sales teams. He holds postgraduate qualifications in business administration and management.

Brett initially commenced his career within the public sector as a Civil Engineer before migrating his career across to I.T. where he was responsible for the development and implementation of I.T. strategies and systems for several Local Government entities in Melbourne. In 2009 Brett transitioned to a sales role with an international government outsourcing service provider and since has developed solid sales and marketing experience to compliment his specialist cloud and managed service I.T. expertise.

Achalen has over 37 years’ experience in agriculture and commerce. Achalen previously has worked with a Boston Consulting firm (USA), before concentrating on agribusiness. He is an advisor to an overseas agribusiness investment firm and has participated in the Small Business Mentoring Program as a Mentor funded by the Victorian Government.

Julie is a specialist communications and marketing professional with demonstrated experience working within global technology firms specialising in the execution of communication strategies and customer engagement event management. Julie’s experience includes seven years working within the senior management team for a large technology supplier to the government sector.