Questions Answers
Who do I speak to if I am having trouble using Aglive? You can contact our Australian based support team over the phone or via email: 1300 893 531 or support@aglive.com
Other programs seem to have hidden costs, what are Aglive's? There are no hidden costs with Aglive. The pricing structure tells you what you can and can’t do with each subscription model and you have the option for additional PICs ($250) or users ($150).
Will your updates change the display? If so are we told before? Our development team is constantly making improvements to the user experience of our web and mobile apps. Sometimes this includes changes to the display but we’ll always let you know when changes are coming and what to expect.
What are my NLIS Credentials and why are they so important within the Aglive IntergriPro Application? Read the following link that explains more: LINK
How often will updates come out? Aglive is constantly developing and improving our product. You can expect an update 1-2 times per month to ensure we’re up-to-date with Apple and Android. Don’t worry, your Aglive mobile app will still work if you forget to update it immediately, but we encourage customers to keep the apps updated as regularly as possible.
What happens if the transporter doesn't have the app? Transporter compliance varies in each state. In the following states transporters can legally carry the serial number as a reference to the digital consignment (eNVD): QLD, VIC, SA. If you’re unsure, please give your local authorities a call. Remember, you can always print a copy of your Aglive eNVD from the web app if required by state legislation or if the transporter is uncomfortable with the digital form.
Does Aglive update my NLIS? Yes, all livestock movements are recorded on the web and mobile apps. You can choose to send this consignment information to NLIS with one click of a button in the web app once the eNVD is delivered.
What is Aglive developing? Aglive is constantly developing and improving our product. The next critical areas of development you can expect to see are: Transport, Biosecurity Plans, Cropping, Task Management We’ll send all customers and subscribers a more detail as upgrades are released.
Do I have to re-map my existing property maps in Aglive? No, if you have shape files (.shp) of your property and paddocks please send them through to support@aglive.com and we’ll be able to add your mapped area to your property map for you.
Do I need mobile service or wifi for the app to work? No, the Aglive mobile app allows you to manage your livestock and property completely offline. Once you re-enter an area with mobile service or wifi your mobile app will sync with web app. To make it even easier, set your mobile app to ‘auto sync to Aglive server’ in your mobile app settings.
How does a transporter with the Aglive app find the consignment (eNVD) without phone service? When you create an eNVD and assign a transporter, that transporter will be able to view and pick-up eNVDs assigned to their company. The transporter will need to download consignments assigned to his company before they leave mobile service or WIFI. If you create the eNVD at the yards with no service, he won’t be able to view the eNVD in his app until he re-enters mobile service or WIFI. Remember, the transporter can take the serial number (depending on state compliance) or a printed copy until he returns to service. Aglive is currently developing the ability to scan a unique eNVD QR code while you’re offline giving the transporter a full copy of the eNVD offline on their mobile device.
I want to backdate an animal treatment, can I do this? Yes. The Aglive web app allows you to backdate activities.
In the mobile app, if I hit the back arrow while scanning animals will I lose my records? Yes. You will however, receive an on-screen warning advising of the pending loss of records
My Aglive app keeps exiting on my phone? Please check you have updated your mobile device software or delete and redownload the Aglive app. If this doesn’t work, please contact support.
If I scan all tags and record weights through my scalehead (e.g. XR5000), can I then bluetooth that info straight across once finished? No, unfortunately sessions created on third-party hardware are independent of the Aglive mobile app. However, if you are Bluetoothing from the scalehead to the Aglive mobile app in the yards you will have that information recorded on your scalehead and in Aglive. Remember, you can also import sessions from your scalehead or reader into the Aglive web app (on your computer).
What do I do if my app won't open? Please check you have updated your mobile device software or delete and redownload the Aglive app. If this doesn’t work, please contact support.
When I use the Aglive mobile app my devices battery doesn't last? If you’re mobile device and Aglive app are constantly looking for service (an area where it drops in & out) you might be better off using the app in aeroplane mode to save the battery life of your mobile device.
What other accreditation / consignment forms can I do in Aglive? Apart from eNVD (including EU eNVD) you can complete: National Animal Health Statement (NAHS), Waybill and Coming soon MSA. Remember, there is no double-handling with Aglive IntegriPro. Once you enter the data into the consignment, it will pre-fill that information into the rest of the digital compliance documents in your consignment.
My app keeps closing when I send logfile? Check you have an email app and account set up on your mobile device. Otherwise please contact support.
If I split a mob, and only scan half of them (the first subsequent mob) what happens to the remaining tags? Aglive will automatically put the remaining individuals into a second mob.
What if there is multiple trucks for one eNVD? You can add multiple regos to a consignment (eNVD) in the Aglive web app. We’re improving this in the mobile app in the next upgrades, until then you can separate the registration plates by using a comma in the rego field on the mobile app. Please watch this space.
What hardware is Aglive compatible with? The Aglive mobile app will connect with the following Bluetooth enabled hardware:
Tru-Test: XR5000, ID5000,Ezi 7i, Ezi5i, XRS2, SRS2, ERS EID Android - All Apple iOS - Only XRS2, SRS2
Gallagher: TSi 2, TW-3, TW-1, W310v2, W210, HR4v2, HR5v2 Android - ALL Apple iOS - No
Allflex / Aleis: RS420, LPR, RS340, Aleis 7020BT Android - ALL Apple iOS - RS420, LPR
Agri ID (Datamars) : Bluestick Reader, GES3S Android - ALL Apple iOS – No
Shearwell: SDL400S, SDL440S Android - ALL Apple iOS - Only SDL440S
Please note: For Apple users Aglive can supply a Bluetooth dongle which enables you to connect to Gallagher equipment. Please contact support for more information.