Aglive Pro

Aglive IntegriPro is the only livestock management software with an in-built eNVD. Completely portable, you can manage mob or individual livestock movements from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The platform allows you to manage your farm by mapping your paddocks, assigning animals, monitoring feed & treatments and integrating RFID wands for full animal traceability. This allows for improved stock inventory management, ownership audit & control. The Aglive IntegriData® software uses real time mapping technology to create a unique digital geo-string which associates a unit of livestock production with its place of origin.



Create unlimited NVDs wherever you are. Use your tablet or smartphone to create electronic NVD forms for mob & individual animals as you go.


As soon as your NVD form is complete the consignee is notified, before the truck even leaves your property.

Proof of quality

Instant and traceable proof of your compliance to LPA farming standards offers expanded access to overseas markets.

Always up to date

The Aglive IntegriPro app is automatically updated with NLIS and LPA requirements in real time.

Red meat industry ready

Use one app for all cattle, sheep and goat movements.


Supports brand protection and increases access to premium markets based on proof of provenance and product origin.

Aglive IntegriPro  Manuals

IntegriPro App Manual


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IntegriPro Web Manual


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