What we do

We started Aglive with the goal of strengthening the connection between farming and food.

We knew that the story and role of everyone involved in Australian agriculture was different. And yet, what we saw we had in common was a need to protect the future of our industry, ensure the health and wellbeing of our livestock, and to ensure a better tomorrow for us all.

We thought there was a way to use technology to share each of our stories, the origins and the care we take with what we produce, to provide more provenance to consumers.

And so we developed the world’s first electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) app in consultation with the MLA. This eNVD app revolutionises the current National Vendor Declaration system by converting the movement of all livestock within the industry to a real time and completely traceable, paperless system.

In 2015, Aglive was licenced by the MLA as the first provider of an electronic National Vendor Declaration for use by producers and processors in Australia.

Why we do it

It’s never been more important for producers and processors to show the connection between farm and food.

Aglive’s eNVD underpins the LPA Quality Assurance program and provides complete traceability of livestock, from farm to stockyard, feedlot, abattoir and exporter. By creating a simple to use, electronic version of the National Vendor Declaration you can be assured of the quality of the livestock you are moving and receiving, instantly.