What we do

We started Aglive with the goal of strengthening the connection between farming and food.

We knew that the story and role of everyone involved in Australian agriculture was different. And yet, what we saw we had in common was a need to protect the future of our industry, ensure the health and wellbeing of our livestock, and to ensure a better tomorrow for us all.

We thought there was a way to use technology to share each of our stories, the origins and the care we take with what we produce, to provide more provenance to consumers.

And so we developed the world’s first electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) app in consultation with the MLA. This eNVD app revolutionises the current National Vendor Declaration system by converting the movement of all livestock within the industry to a real time and completely traceable, paperless system.

In 2015, Aglive was licenced by the MLA as the first provider of an electronic National Vendor Declaration for use by producers and processors in Australia.

Why we do it

It’s never been more important for producers and processors to show the connection between farm and food.

Aglive’s eNVD underpins the LPA Quality Assurance program and provides complete traceability of livestock, from farm to stockyard, feedlot, abattoir and exporter. By creating a simple to use, electronic version of the National Vendor Declaration you can be assured of the quality of the livestock you are moving and receiving, instantly.

Who we are

Paul Ryan

Managing Director (founding)

Neil Mulcahy

Chief Commercialisation Officer

Andrew Davidson

Chief Information Officer

Dale Smith

Business Development Manager

Has extensive senior commercial experience with over 37 years in agribusiness, logistics, retail, manufacturing and service businesses in private, national and international companies. Paul has a deep knowledge of business, production, client and financial information systems and has successfully orchestrated business transformation and exit strategies. Paul is a co-founder of Aglive.

A passionate innovator with significant business development and commercialisation experience. Neil has held senior positions in supply chain and operations management within ASX and Fortune 500 listed companies and in recent times has focused on emerging Agri-Tech start-up companies’, successfully commercialising innovation in global traceability solutions.

25 years’ experience in the utilities industry implementing critical projects related to field mobility, data capture, GPS tracking, GIS and SMR solutions with cloud functionality overlay. Prior to Aglive he held a senior position as Client System Integration Manager with Thiess Services.

17 years’ experience in the FMCG industry in key operational roles developing a passion for enabling businesses through the development of people, innovation and strategic foresight. Has developed key leadership experience and a core understanding of management, captured across key functional departments facilitating bridging of sales, marketing, finance, IT & supply chain.

Tim Button

Business Development Manager

Achalen Holmes

Industry Development Manager

Barb Bolger

Financial & Administration Support

Tim brings in-depth knowledge and expertise of the agricultural industry based on experiences working on his own family farm and former roles with large corporate farming operations. Tim has worked in the rural merchandise industry in sales and management roles, accumulating broader skills and developing a keen interest in agri-technology. Tim is passionate about the agricultural industry and helping his clients achieve best results.

37 years’ experience in agriculture and commerce. Achalen has previously worked with a US based Boston Consulting firm, before concentrating on agri-centric businesses. Achalen is an advisor to an overseas agribusiness investment firm and has participated as a Mentor in the Victorian Government funded Small Business Mentoring Program.

20 years’ experience in various accounts and administration roles. Focused on bookkeeping positions with the responsibility for invoicing, payables, receivables, payroll and compliance. Barb has been with Aglive since August 2014 and has seen the development of the Aglive app from early prototypes to today’s fully functioning software platform.